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CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings
"Welcome to the homepage of Han Seung PTC."
Since the foundation in 1991, HAN SEUNG PTC has become the most representative company of Korean technology in the field of manufacturing and construction of painting facilities. We make great efforts to be a world-class leading company in the future.

The followings brief introduction of Business Division. plant (painting facilities) Business Division provides total service from design to construction and after-sales services for pre-treatment/electron plate coating facilities, solvent/powder painting booth, coating facilities, surface treatment facilities, various industrial drying facilities, antipollution facilities and conveyor system. In special coating (painting) business division, we paint and assemble automobile parts (Bumper, Back Panel, Grille, etc.) and home appliance parts (kimchi refrigerator, air cleaner, washer, air conditioner, etc.). Han Seung PTC will continuously do our research and effort placing top value on the management philosophy of customer satisfaction and the protection of environment to be a leading company within the same field in the world in the 21st century.